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【2024】 五月份的工場預約已開放

關   於   菓   風


糖果不僅僅是麥芽加火焰 而是責任與付託

創新是我們的基因 而分享是我們的信念


About Us

Sophisca is a Taiwan-based confectionery manufacturer that supplies candies, gummies, and chocolates around the world.


By achieving the highest standards in quality, Sophisca has always been leading the industry and exceeding customer's expectations.


As we never stop our adventure in learning, innovating and creating, Sophisca is able to cultivate those ideas and bringing in new products to the market.


Sophisca has always been dedicated in searching for better, more naturally-sourced materials and simpler recipes, in which "natural" has become the core mindset of our company.


To be more environmental-friendly, we began to search for raw materials that are not derived from animals and shifted our focus to innovating vegan products. 


Currently, almost all of our gummies are vegan, while maintaining the chewiness and texture of gelatin gummies.